Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Buzzagent Review

I have been on Buzzagent for awhile now and this is the first campaign I have ever been invited to before. I was super excited to get the invite. I love secret deodorant, it's my go to but I use the invisible solid. I was intrigued to get to try out to gel formula.
I received the scent Ohh La La Lavender and I actually quite like the smell. I really like the formula as well, I did have to get used to putting on a wet product lol. But it does dry significantly fast and works well. It does give off a faint aroma when you begin to sweat.
I would absolutely recommend this product to other people. I will probably also buy a full size of this product when I run out. I want to try the Va Va Vanilla because that is my go to scent.

*I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changes my opinion of the product.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Project Candy Box Holiday Box Unboxing

Hey Guys!

I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Now that it's a new year here I am finally back and we can discuss boxes and product reviews. So the first thing I want to talk about is the Project Candy Box Holiday box because I am super disappointed with it. This is the second box I have received from them and the Launch Box was 10x better than this one. I will insert my Unboxing video first and then I will go over the breakdown of the products from what they have posted on their website. (What I think will be in black font).

Mission Statement: Project Candy Box delivers a different assortment of candy and chocolate to your house every month! Every month you will receive a different assortment of candy tied together with a different theme. You can share it with your friends or eat it all by yourself. We won't judge you!

How it Works: Do you love candy and chocolate? Do you ever get the munchies and notice that your selection is just not where it should be? This is a huge problem and the solution is simple... Get Project Candy Box delivered to your door once a month.
Here at PCB, we are delivering an incredible candy and chocolate experience to Canadians every month. In your monthly box, you will receive an assortment of items that are tied together with a fun theme. New products are created everyday and we aim to seek them out for you and put it in your hands.
A great party favour, gift and personal monthly subscription box, Project Candy Box is fun for kids and adults. There is no age limit on fun. Here is your chance to avoid the awkward stares from the grocery store lineup and just feast on the colours and flavours inside your box.

What Can You Expect: Every month you will receive our perfectly branded candy boxes with a surprise assortment of at least 10 different items. Our items include:
- Local favourites
- New products that haven't hit your market yet
- Old products that you may have forgotten about
- Candy and chocolate from other countries and continents

Cool! What else? As part of the and experience, we include a fun product walkthrough page every month inside your box so that you can learn about new items, fun facts, jokes, riddles, games, etc... Candy and chocolate is meant to be fun and this is what is delivered by Project Candy Box.

How much: There are two options for this subscription but they both cost the same amount. You can get a monthly subscription for $20 a month or a gift box for $20. This includes shipping.

Shipping: Canada Only (free shipping).


Right off the bat when I opened the box I noticed that it had less products than the launch box. This picture is from their website.

Thank you for purchasing The Holiday Box from Project Candy Box. We are excited to offer you a holiday experience with candy and chocolate and we think you will love this box!
We hope you are enjoying a holiday and a winter filled with family, friends, good food and snow. We are proud to end off the 2014 year on a high note delivering candy boxes to over 250 households across Canada.
As always, you can find descriptions of all the items in your box below along with games, contests and a survey so that you can give feedback on your candy experience. As we continue to grow, feedback will play a huge role in our development and we hope to hear from you.
There were two games that were also linked. One was a Christmas song quiz which I sucked at and the next one was some snowball fight, which I did click on the link but then you had to do something else so I just closed the page.
Lets start with your holiday candy canes!
Included this month, we wanted to gather some of the best candy canes on the market. Included in your box you will find the following flavors:
Gobstopper Cane: 
You know this brand but Willy Wonka has now put together a candy cane with layers of fun. Lick through the different colors much like you would enjoy a classic gobstopper. The task has always been to get to the middle without chomping through.
I received a red candy cane so we will see how it tastes. Once I bit into this there was only a tiny ring of orange inside. It doesn't taste like a Gobstopper, just like candy, no particular flavour. 
Spree Cane: 
The spree cane gives you the taste of spree in cane form. Another Willy Wonka creation unique to the holidays.
I have no idea what spree is so that makes me nervous to eat this lol. I can't really describe what this tastes like. It's kind of sour, and tastes like rainbow candy cane haha.
Jelly Belly Cane:
Lastly, enjoy the powerful taste of Jelly Belly in cane form. Our box will include one of the following flavors: Very Cherry, Green Apple and Orange.
I received an orange candy cane, so I'm assuming it's orange flavoured. Yes, it's orange and a tad bit tangy.
Fluffy Stuff Snow Balls Cotton Candy:
Yes you can find cotton candy outside of your local carnival! It is included in the holiday box. Do not mistake this big ball of candy for a snowball and throw it at your parents... it is way too valuable for that. It takes up lots of space for a reason. Your cotton candy is flavored with a hint of strawberry. If you have forgotten how to eat cotton candy.... its NOT like this:
I was excited to see this cotton candy because I love cotton candy with a passion. It was rather weird to just eat white cotton candy. I didn't even see that it was strawberry flavoured but that is why I had tasted it before lol. This was the highlight of the box for me.
A holiday favorite for sure, who doesn't enjoy milk chocolate and creamy nougat... and in TRIANGLE FORM! Did I mention you should brush your teeth before, during and after this box?
Fun fact: Did you know that there is a furry animal on the Toblerone mountain? Try to find out what it is. #youcannotunseethis #mindblowing
This was a "meh" product for me. I have had Toblerone before and can buy it anywhere so pretty disappointing. 
Jelly Belly Holiday Candy Corn:
This is usually enjoyed as a Halloween treat but seeing as how we are candy trend setters, we will continue to push the envelope and offer candy corn in green, red and white. This makes a great stocking stuffer!
I hate candy corn and if I would have known this would taste like it I wouldn't have eaten it. I just thought it was candy corn shaped. Not impressed with this product either.
Lindt Lindor Chocolates:
A classy addition to any holiday box. PURE, MILK, CHOCOLATE! If you are not yet sick of all the chocolate from your advent calendar then slowly pop these milk chocolate wonders into your mouth around the fire. We love Lindor so much that we actually shrunk ourselves down to enjoy larger portions of chocolate... this is what happened:
Where did Lindt chocolate originate? If you guessed Switzerland, you would be right.
Again, not impressed. I can go to any store  at any time of the year and buy these chocolates. Did I mention I don't really even like chocolate? So this was not a win for me.
Ferrero Raffaello:
ALLERGY ALERT - Product contains almonds and coconut.
Where are my coconut lovers?! Raffaello is brought to you by  the good people who bring you Ferrero Rocher. There are a few great flavors in here including coconut, almonds and pralines. This is not one of the regular items you would pick out of your local grocery store lineup but this is Project Candy Box so give it a try or share it with a friend.
Yuck! I hate coconut. And mine still had to price tag on them. ( $0.83 if you were wondering). These will probably go to my dad.
Wham bars:
WHAM! These appropriately named candy bars hit you with intense flavor. They are decorated with fizzy flavor crystals that add some punch. These items are from England so if you are interested in grabbing some more. Shoot us an email and we can get you a big order!
These were the only other item that I was excited about besides the cotton candy because we can't actually get it here at any store that you walk into. My only issue was that it expires this month, or mine does anyways. 
Russell Stovers Chocolate Marshmallow Treats:
Our box would not be complete without chocolate covered marshmallows and Russell Stovers is a brand that never leaves us disappointed.
And again another product that I can get anywhere at Christmas time.

So this months box was a real let down. I won't let it deter me from another box, but if they keep going this way I won't be continuing with the subscription. I want to know where all the "weird" candy is from other countries like in the launch box. I don't want things that I can got to the store and buy, I want weird and new candies. Also I want less chocolate. I prefer candy to chocolate. 
If this is a subscription that interests you Click Here to sign up.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Start

Hey everyone!

So I have been bad and haven't really been posting. I got really far behind on uploading videos so the blog fell into the background. One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more active on the blog. So my ideas are have the unboxing still, also review products and maybe do some first impressions. That's all for now.

Hope you had a fabulous New Year's and a year of awesome things to come.