Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bonjour Jolie September 2014 Unboxing

I was introduced to this box on YouTube by a fellow Canadian, Ashley Elizabeth (check her out if you don't, she's great). Anyways, she does these boxes monthly and I wanted to give it a try. I just got the one box.

Here is the product card, and look how cute and fallish it is.
First I pulled out this bag which is part of the gift bag. Apparently I forgot to take a pic of what was inside haha. But it has the hand lotion, soap shaped like leaves, two leaf shaped candles and two packets of advil. 
Next I pulled out the food bag!! Yum.. it was pretty packed full. My only issue is I wish there had been some chocolate included. 
My favourites from this bag were the Ginger People Spicy Apple Gin- Gins chews and the Go Naturally Organic apple ones in the green wrappers.
I only got a bite out of this cookie and it was delicious. Then I set it on the table and my cat knocked it off for my dog to eat :/
Yay! I see a full size product!
OMG! This smells so good. I have been using this scrub that last couple of days and it's okay. I find that when I rinse it off I am covered in like a greasy film so not sure how I feel about that. Also the smell doesn't last very long on my skin so that's sad because I love the scent.
This was also in the bag with the scrub. It's pretty cute and I will probably wear it ion a casual day.
Then you get to pick out the actually period products that you want and they come in an envelope inside the box. I picked Kotex tampons in Ultra size just to try. I've never seen then in ultra haha so we will see.

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