Friday, October 17, 2014

Bowzer Box September 2014 Unboxing

I thought since I had been treating myself to things I would get my dog a box as well. I decided on the Bowzer Box because it is a Canadian box.
Bowzer Box is a monthly subscription ($29) (also available is 3 ($26) and 6 ($23) month subscriptions) where you will receive 5-6 dog related items. 
*Plus $4.50 a month flat shipping rate

*Canada only shipping

This months theme was down on the farm.
September is a time to celebrate all things farm, from farmers markets to fall fairs. 

Each box comes with a card that tells you about the month and whatnot, but of course I couldn't find where I put mine when I needed it lol. But what I do remember from it is you can save 10% if you use the code REFERFRIEND at the checkout.

This was the first item I pulled out of the box. At first Steve wasn't sure about this, I feel like it was the weird spongy texture. But after a few more sniffs he gobbled it up.

Then I pulled out these biscuits. Again it took Steve a bit to warm up to these but when he did he enjoyed it.

Well isn't this a cute little bag..... until I opened it and it was cow horns haha. Steve refused to eat these but I took them to my parents house for their bigger dog and he seemed to enjoy them. Although my dad wasn't impressed since they live on a farm and have numerous cow horns laying around lol.

This was a twisted treat but I forgot to take a pic of it before Steve scarfed it down. This was his favourite treat of the bag. 

These were also a favourite of Steve's. He really enjoy the soft treats because he likes when we throw them in the air for him to catch. 
Also we received some poop bags which I will be gifting since we live on an acreage and have no use for them.

And lastly we have little piggy, who I knew would be demolished right away. Steve loves to eat material and cotton (I know this has no stuffing but it has hair and "fur"). So little piggy now has no hair and is missing his corners. They stated that it was durable, but I disagree. 

Overall, this box was a win and I have continued the subscription because I think Steve likes getting a box a treats.... well he likes getting any treats regardless of where they come from lol. 

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