Monday, October 20, 2014

Wantable October 2014 Unboxing

YAY!! my Wantable box finally arrived!! I am so excited. This was a subscription that I had been contemplating about but the picture that they released for their October box made me instantly purchase a one month box just to see what it was all about.

How amazing are these pieces?? Like if I have these in my box I will subscribe forever!! I want them all, they are so gorgeous.

So without further ado, here we go. Fingers crossed. Also I love how it says it's packed just for you, with your name. Very cute.

Well thank you... I will try to enjoy this collection.

Before you get your subscription, you fill out a quiz with the things you like. Here's what I put down.
Love: Classic, Rock n' Roll, Bracelets, Necklaces and Gold Tone
Likes: Boho, Mix n' Match, Rings, Scarves, Silver Tone and Multitone
Dislikes: Glam, Earrings, Watches, Sunglasses and Hair Accessories

All of the jewelry pieces come in this velvet (so nasty, I hate that feeling) pouch.

Libby Bracelet Gold: 
A cluster of metallic and black bracelets with a rock influence. Stack with your favourite skinny jeans for an edgy rocker look! Retail $12

This is the first piece I pulled out of the bag and I HATE it. This picture actually makes it look better than it does in real life. It looks so cheap. The only part I like is the cross but I wish it had been on a metal bracelet instead of the one its on that I can get at any beach in mexico for like $1. All of the other bracelets are the stretchy kind. I hope the rest of the box goes better than this or I will not be resubscribing. 

Kami Necklace:
The Kami necklace features a geometric, diamond shaped pendent housing a beautiful stone. 
Style tip: Pair with an oversized sweater and a bold violet lip for a striking look. Retail $22

Thank god this necklace is better. It is kind of weird but I do like it. It has a long chain. It's definitely something people will look at haha. I showed my mom and she wants it. She loved it!

Sherri Necklace:
The Sherri necklace is a silver, layered chain and beaded necklace. 
Style tip: Wear with a blouse and high waist skirt for an edgy business look. Retail $18

This is my favourite piece even though I am in a gold loving stage right now. This is the most easy to wear piece but is also a statement necklace, just more on the subtle side. 

Dakota Scarf:
The Dakota scarf is an infinity design with a unique, wavy pattern inspired by the flames of a roaring campfire.
Style tip: For a pop of colour, pair with a bold fuchsia lip. Retail $21

And lastly, this infinity scarf. I love the print and this will be great for fall. I can honestly say I used to wear scarves all the time but then they started to feel like they were choking me so I stopped. This will be a great transition to get back into wearing them.

Overall, I'm very torn about this box. I wasn't in love with any of this pieces. I only outright hated one of them. But the box is rather expensive to have so many hits and misses. If there was a way to get what was on the product card thing from above I would join right back up. They clearly use that to suck you in and then give you different things. So I don't know. I may give it a few more months to see if they can redeem themselves.

But I did email Wantable and tell them I wasn't happy with the bracelet so we will see what happens with that. I also decided I might as well give them a few more months and I re-took the style quiz. If this is something you are interested in here's my referral LINK.

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