Friday, September 12, 2014

Bridesmaid Dress for Destination Wedding 2015

Okay, so this is going to be a random post of what I'm sure will be many lol. Tomorrow (Saturday September 13, 2014)  I will be accompanying one of my best friends and her mom to the city where I will be trying on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding next year. The wedding will be in June of 2015 in the Riviera Maya in Mexico!!! Whoo hoo! Totally excited and I can't wait. She has decided to have two bridesmaids and we will both be her maids (apparently I am actually a matron of honour because I am already married, who knew) of honour. She has picked out the dresses that she wants and is footing the bill or us, but of course there are always minor issues. Our first issue is only I am able to go tomorrow, the other bridesmaid will be going a different date. Also we have a wedding shop in our town that sells the dress but of course why would they have it in stock. I kind of mentioned to her that we should probably find some to try on just incase to see (the material, shape, fit, etc..) how everything looks on real people. So now we are going to the city to try on the dress then heading back home to buy the dress (dress is a better price in our town store).

So to start off, here is the idea of what she wanted.
She liked the skirt idea with the white top and chunky jewelry, but we would each pick whatever top and necklace we wanted. 

But I'm sure after scouring the internet looking for something similar to no avail, this are the dresses that she found that were most similar to the above look.

Now I really like the dress (her colour is going to be teal) but my only issues is that I am short haha. 5"4' to be exact. So I am a bit leery of where it will need to be hemmed and whatnot. But it's not my wedding so I am just going to go with the flow, it's her day and I will wear a paper bag if she wanted me too. 

I will for sure get some photos tomorrow and show you and see what you think. 

Also I hope that you don't mind possibly being bombarded with these types of posts especially nearer to the wedding date.... stagette, gift ideas, accommodations and all the fun stuff in between.


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