Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trying on Bridesmaid Dresses and the Winning Dress

Okay so here it is. These are some of the bridesmaid dresses that I tried on for my friends wedding. I tried on the one she thought she wanted and a few others just to compare and then I will show you the winner.

So to start off this is the dress she had found and wanted and was just going to order without us even trying them on. 

I may have forced the idea that we should find them to try on and thank god I did! Here is what it looks like on me.
It definitely doesn't look like the picture (well besides it being black instead of teal). Maybe if the belt had been fixed onto the dress instead of just doing what it wanted. Plus it just kind of sat on my body, didn't really do anything for my small amount of curves haha.

This one I didn't mind. It made my chest look big which isn't easy lol. Plus it gave the kind of hourglass look. But up close it wasn't as classy as it could have been.

Then we thought maybe this one. I really liked the detailing at the top but otherwise it was just kind of flat. 
There were a few more in between but nothing worth adding really.

But then we found the winner!!!

Please excuse the blurry shot lol. So this one was perfect! It has the right amount of detailing at the top, it gives and hourglass figure, plus it has an interesting high low bottom as well. And it does have a bit of a train. This dress is perfect for a beach wedding. It's nice and airy plus it will more with the breeze. The only difference is the dress will be in teal instead of purple. 

Which one do you guys like? Do you agree on the one she picked? 


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