Monday, September 8, 2014

WeGotU by Kotex Box- FREE Samples

I received an email a few weeks ago promoting a new type of Pad from Kotex and they were sending out free samples. I signed up and I chose a pack of tampons with some of the new tampons and then waited patiently. The box finally arrived in my mailbox and I had no idea what it was because I thought the box look like it had adult toys in it lol.

Then when I actually opened the package I was a little disappointed because there were no tampons in the package just pads, which I don't use. I will be gifting this box to a friend. 

And because I will be gifting these items I don't want to  open up the package lol, but here it what was included in the package.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more deals from this company in the future because I do love this product. Hopefully when my friend uses them I can talk her into giving a review on these products to let you know how they work or not.

If you want to request your own box of free samples click HERE to be taken to the page (US and Canada Only).

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