Friday, September 26, 2014

Foodie Pages Unboxing September 2014

Foodie Pages is not a monthly subscription, it's a monthly box where 50 boxes are curated featuring Canadian artisan foods and it's a first come first serve service. I was lucky enough to get the September Tasting box. The Tasting Box is $14.95 + $2.67 and it ships out within 3-4 business days of purchasing. Also you know what will be in the box each month incase it's something you don't want you don't have to get the box.
Here's what I saw when I opened the box.

And here's what was in the September box:

1). Red Onion Marmalade from Provisions Food Company:
A classic recipe updated with a modern flare, this marmalade is the perfect complement to charcuterie (is the branch of cooking devoted to preparing meat products) and cheese platters. (St. Catherine's ON) 125mls for $8.00 
OMG! This was my favourite thing in the whole box. It was so delicious I wanted to double dip my spoon when I was taste testing. I literally could have ate the whole jar by itself. It definitely tasted like red onions but not in a spicy red oniony way lol. The texture was thick just like marmalade, I was thinking it would be the consistency of for instance red pepper jelly, but it was definitely marmalade thick. I'm really excited to try it on a piece of spreadable cheese on a cracker YUM!! (Drooling to myself).

2). Orange and Rosemary Syrup from Les Charlatans:
Enjoy a natural syrup in your cocktail, with no preservatives or colorings. Made using pure juice, zest, herbs, spices and whole fruits. (Montreal QC). 8oz/ 235 mls for $14.95
Okay so initially (until I tasted it) for some reason I thought that this was pancake syrup haha. And then when I tasted it  I was like WTF? To me it tasted like an orange freezie but with a hint of rosemary. I gifted this to my grandparents because they liked the taste, which I did not. 

3). Maple Me Happy Granolahhh from Not Yer Granny's Granola:
Ontario made syrup, uber-loaded with big chunks of walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and balanced with plenty of cranberries and juicy, tart cherries, whole grains, preservative and dairy-free. (Barrie ON). I couldn't find a price for this product even on their own webpage, not very good marketing clearly.
This was my second favourite thing in this box, so too bad they don't have very good marketing because I couldn't find where to buy it anywhere and I would have. This is good dry and it probably would be good with milk as a cereal. The only thing I didn't taste was the maple but that's okay everything else was yum.

4). Celery Root Chips from Raw Mountain Foods: 
These delicious chips resemble the the texture of potato chips but are made with wholesome, preservative-free ingredients. We bet you've never seen a chip with simple ingredients like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan sea salt! (Carp ON). $3.97 per pack.
These were the weirdest thing in the box. I liked the idea of them but they didn't quite live up to what I thought. My biggest issue was that instead of them being crunchy like a chip they were soft. I would compare it to a soggy chip. The taste was alright, I could definitely taste a celery aftertaste. 

5). 3/4 oz. Tonic Maison:
3/4 oz. is the quantity of Tonic Maison needed to prepare what will became your favourite Gin & Tonic. It offers a refined taste for those who enjoy a quality cocktail. Made with all natural ingredients. (Montreal QC). The only price I could find for this product was $24.95 which seems crazy.
This is the only product I didn't actually taste, no explanation necessary. I don't drink but maybe if I feel nice one day I'll make my mom a Gin & Tonic haha.

So overall I enjoyed this box. I did pass on the October one but maybe I'll get another one someday. I really liked 2 of these products, two were okay and one I didn't like. I spent a total of $17.62 and got a retail value of $51.87 + whatever the cost of the granola was. I feel like this was good deal and I'm happy with the box.

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