Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Guest Post and Review: U By Kotex Save the Undies Samples

  In my last post about these samples I had mentioned that I don't wear pads but I felt bad because I didn't want to not use them so I gifted them to a friend. I also forced her to write a review about them just to let you all know how they worked.

Here is my review on kotex pads and wipes....ENJOY!!

I have used kotex pads several times they are my go to brand, but the fact that they come in a variety of sizes based on flow was news to me. Since I also wear a tampon, the pads for heavy flow were a bit much and the light flow pads without wings were bunching up in my panties but the medium were just right (I feel like goldilocks right now but the point still stands) and overall I am a big fan of  kotex products and these were no exception.  I liked that the two sizes with wings stuck well because that is always an issue I have with pads. The package also included cleansing wipes and I really liked them, they smelled nice and they left me feeling clean (which we all know is hard when on your period).  So in conclusion I will definitely buy this product again and again.

 By Stephanie Kennedy

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