Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FunFitFab Spoiler Alert: September 2014 Box

First spoiler alert for the FabFitFun box for September 2014.

#VIPSpoilerAlert!!! As the weather cools down, heat things up in the kitchen with these super fun and flirtyJessie Steele aprons guaranteed in every fall VIP box! How adorbs are these? Definitely a must-have for falll! Get your apron AND $200 worth of uh-mazing finds in your fall FabFitFun box!

So I haven't worn an apron since I was in high school in home ec. but these are adorable! There are a few different styles and colours, I like the pink one shown above and there is a super cute black and white polka dots apron as well. These aprons retail for $32.

**P.S. for a limited time get a free FunFitFab fruit infuser water bottle with your first purchase using the promo code FRUITWATER

Also if you just signed up and didn't know about this promo you can email FunFitFab and request it. I had to do this because I signed up the day before the promo.

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